By using a power inverter, it is possible to run 230V equipment from the vehicle battery. We offer a range of high quality, pure sinewave DC to AC power inverters. All inverters features a low battery alarm to prevent total battery discharge and overload and over-temperature shutdown to protect the inverter and the conversion.

  • Total: 5
  • Wechselrichter 600 W (reine Sinuswelle)

  • Wechselrichter 1000 W (reine Sinuswelle)

  • Wechselrichter 2000 W (reine Sinuswelle)

  • Wechselrichter 3000 W (reine Sinuswelle)

  • Fernbedienung, Wechselrichter 400W-2000W

  • Total: 5

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